Engineering Interests, Inc is a manufacturing leader in the industry of Filtration, Drying and Purification Systems. Compressed Air Treatment is the last line of defense to protect critical air components from contaminates such as oil, water and particulates. We have factory trained Service Technicians and In Plant Preventative Maintenance programs for Testing of Compressed Air and Gas Streams from Powerhouse to the most sensitive applications. We also specialize in updating controls by maximizing energy efficiency by monitoring dryer operation, purge air flow, dew point and regeneration temperature rise.

Our Core Competencies include, but are not limited to, the following:

Breathing Air Catalysts

These systems are in place to provide breathing air to workers who are spraying paint, welding, handling toxic chemicals and entering confined spaces at aerospace manufacturing facilities. We can recharge customer’s existing units or manufacturer new units.


These are used primarily for air drying and low temperature applications. Absorbents are very suited for compressed air systems. We offer a wide variety of absorbents based on your specific needs and applications.

Odor Removal

Odor Removal filters are used in the Breathing Air Systems to remove any smells or taste.

Dew Point Guard

Sensors that can meet the need for accelerated response and for measuring dew points in mildly corrosive gases. Ceramic sensors provide the fastest documented response to dew point changes. We also offer recalibration on sensors so that accurate dew point and humidity levels are controlled. Sensors that read incorrectly will results in high humidity downstream of the compressed air system.

Filter Elements

We offer a wide variety of filter elements based on your needs. We design and install Point of Use Filter panels to remove oil, particulates and dry the compressed Air. We have standard duty compressed air filters that offer an economical and effective means from removing contaminants from your air stream. We also offer coalescing, particulate and carbon filter elements for high temperature applications.

Compressed Air Systems

Manufacturer of Filtration, Drying and Purification Systems. Dryer Rental Units are also available. Please contact us for pricing. We represent Seven Different Twin Tower adsorption designs including: heatless, externally heated, and heat of compression. We also represent 3 different breathing air systems to meet OSHA Grade D and CSA requirements.

Engineering Interests, Inc. also specializes in updating controls by maximizing energy efficiency by monitoring dryer operation purge air flow, dewpoint, and regeneration temperature rise.
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